Ideal Customer Personas and a Go-to-Market Strategy for an Innovative Product

Go-to-market Strategy
Exploration & Validation

The challenge

Defining & validating the ideal customer persona and a go-to-market strategy.

Our role

We validated the defined ideal customer personas by conducting interviews with customers and stakeholders. In addition, we created a go-to-market strategy based on the most promising concepts. FInally, we launched a pilot project of the concept for further validation.


Ideal customer personas

First, we held an internal exploration sessions to understand Inlabs products, customers, employees, ... . Next, we explored externally the market, trends, business models and innovations. As a result, we created 10 possible ideal customer personas based on that research.


To validate our concepts, we conducted interviews with customers and stakeholders.

Go-to-market strategy

To create our go-to-market strategy to launch our pilot project of a lean start-up, we first hosted an ideation brainstorm workshop with the client. Next, we summarized the GTM concepts and selected the most promising ones together with the client. FInally, we launched a small scaled pilot project: a lean start-up which enabled us to further validate our concepts and strategy.

Results in numbers

personas created
validated personas based on specific metrics
high potential personas identified within different channels

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