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Shaping a Future-proof Healthcare Concept via Exploration and Validation to Provide Value to Society

Exploration & Validation

The challenge

Telenet is a Belgian player in the Telecom market. We helped to shape a concept that Telenet can offer their clients in the future to distinguish themselves from other telecommunication providers in the market. This concept will be a first step towards a healthcare related solution to provide value to society.

Our role

In very close collaboration with the Oikoi team of Telenet, we are currently shaping a new concept that originated from prior research of the Oikoi team. However, this concept required additional expertise. Based on the gained know-how from our Stretch Innovation experts, we refined and validated this concept.


Quantitative problem validation

We performed quantitative problem validation by conducting surveys. A successful quantitative research requires a large number of respondents. To gain enough respondents, we set up out-of-the-box methods to reach as much responses as possible from potential customers of this new concept. Next, we combined our results of our quantitative research with the qualitative research results of the Oikoi team to further shape the concept.

Quantitative concept validation

After shaping the concept based on quantitative and qualitative research, we validated it in the market to further optimise the concept. Eventually, we reached a final and most optimal concept with a tailored go-to-market strategy.

Results in numbers

Respondents for the quantitative research
Potential concepts created
Promising concepts that are further explored by Telenet

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