Innovative Growth Hacking Focused on Awareness and Activation

Growth Hacking

The Challenge

Meurisse is the oldest Belgian chocolate brand with an enriched history in qualitative and remarkable chocolate products. Today, the brand is being strongly rebranded by their new generation.

Our client has an enriched history since 1845, and now a new generation is bringing back the Meurisse brand with respect to its heritage but simultaneously embracing the future of its progressive and innovative DNA. To translate this quality and mission, Stretch Innovation assists them in various awareness and activation growth hack experiments.

Our Role

Market research and analysis to perform innovative growth hacks

Our Approach

First, we conducted market research to identify online target consumers and refine the brand's message, tone of voice and identity. In addition, we analysed their online competition (in)directly on product and social impact to define our client's position.

Based on our research findings, we held an ideation brainstorm together with the client to define growth hacking experiments that focus on increasing awareness and activation.

To follow a data-driven approach, Stretch Innovation set-up data tracking to closely follow up on the impact of the growth hacking experiments and adjust where necessary.

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