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Account-based growth to focus your targeting approach, gain leads and improve ROI in larger organisations

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Allignment of sales en marketing
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Targeted Account Selection

Elevate your marketing strategy with our targeted account selection services. By focusing on key accounts with the highest potential for your business, we ensure that every growth marketing effort is precise and impactful. Our data-driven approach identifies the perfect match for your unique business objectives, making every campaign not just a shot in the dark, but a strategic step towards growth.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Transform your engagement with personalized growth marketing campaigns designed to resonate deeply with your target accounts. Our custom-tailored strategies speak directly to the specific needs and aspirations of each account, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. With this strategy, you will see your conversion rates soar as we craft messages that truly connect.

Alignment of Sales and Marketing

Achieve unparalleled success with the integrated sales and marketing strategies. By ensuring a seamless collaboration between your sales and marketing teams, we create a unified front that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. This strategic alignment not only streamlines your outreach but also strengthens your relationships with key accounts, driving sustained growth.

the way stretch innovation works

Why is it so great to work with us?

From post-it to new customer

From brainstorming to identifying opportunities, making them real and validating them and also effectively integrating them into the market: Stretch Innovation guides its partners from A to Z.

Entrepreneurs, not consultants

As innovative entrepreneurs, we tackle every project like it would be ours. We therefore pursue KPIs, and do not work according to the principle of 'hourly billing'.


Start from experience: based on in-depth market insights, data-driven trends, as well as continuous monitoring by stakeholders, we learn from the past of your business. We apply this know-how to current and new innovation projects.


By looking across borders, both international and cross-industry, Stretch offers diverse opportunities for your business.

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