SupplyWise & PigmentsWise

Innovative Go-to-Market Strategy for an European Pigment Player

Go-to-market Strategy

The challenge

European player in the pigment market

1. Build a platform to bring producers and consumers of pigments together and allow consumers to order directly from the producers.

2. Create a service for producers to go to the European market directly

Our role

Help realise the platform for producers and consumers and investigate the service that will allow producers to go to the European market directly


SupplyWise brings digitalisation to the market of minerals and pigments. This market is a market with many middle men and distributors who each take margin on the product. SupplyWise is a platform that connects producers directly to users. It is like an Alibaba for pigments. SupplyWise tries to achieve this by starting in a niche of minerals, namely organic pigments. The platform for this is called PigmentsWise. Stretch helped to optimise the flows for an MVP. You can find PigmentsWise here:

In addition, the possibility of offering services via SupplyWise was investigated that will allow producers to go to the European market more directly. A study of the entire logistics flow, from a customer ordering a product to getting the product delivered, was conducted to determine which steps could be optimised and where added value for the customer could be delivered. This revealed a completely new route that SupplyWise could take and a go-to-market strategy is determined based on these results. You can find SupplyWise here:

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