Orfit is a worldwide player in thermoplastic materials for the medical industry

Exploration & Validation

The challenge

Use current expertise to stay relevant in a medical world that is increasingly becoming more and more digital.

Our role

Help to develop a new digital business concept and bring this to the market.


The project consisted of 4 distinct phases:

1. Market research

Assessing the needs of multiple stakeholders to spot digital innovation opportunities. These opportunities can be mapped on the expertise and products of Orfit to find the most interesting market to address.

2. Ideation

Creating multiple out-of-the-box, yet realistic concepts based on the results of the market research.

3. Concept creation

Out of all concepts, the best one is selected based on a score of desirability, achievability and business opportunity.

4. Go-to-market

After multiple cycles of measure-learn-build, the concept is finalised and the best strategy to approach the market is created and implemented.

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