Smart fridges that provide healthy meals at the office

Product Development & Venture building

The challenge

Creating smart fridges that allow customers to buy a healthy meal at the office in an easy way, via their smartphone.

Our role

Stretch Innovation helps to develop smart fridges, by providing support for both software and hardware development. Additionally, we also support our joint venture with Foodm in terms of funding, sales, network and expertise.


Together with Foodm, Stretch Innovation creates smart fridges that allow hungry customers to enjoy a healthy meal at the office with just a few steps via their smartphone. Foodm started as a concept and is now being brought to life with Stretch Innovation as a joint partner. Stretch offers support both in terms of software and hardware development to be able to create the smart fridges. Besides the software and hardware aspect, we also offer support in terms of funding, sales, network and expertise. To make this joint venture as successful as possible in a short amount of time, we offer as much expertise as possible.

Hardware and Software

The goal is that customers can pay and retrieve a meal from the smart fridge all by themselves. Apart from the fact that the fridge needs to know when its empty, what customers want to take out of the fridge, etc. We also assist Foodm to design this both in terms of hardware and software and to realise this together with some of our partners in the Road21 network.

Business Support

Once the fridges are finalized and ready to use, they need be installed at the office. To prepare for this, we help Foodm to find funding and create a successful sales funnel to be able to create more smart fridges and to make this unique concept available to as much customers as possible.

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