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Innovation management

The challenge

The challenge was to manage the innovation concepts and push them through the funnel while reviewing the innovation process at the organization. Their goal is to increase the innovation level in the company and extend this from a mainly product focused approach to a broader one.


We introduced a structured approach with clearly defined stages & gates that suit their needs. We also focused on a horizon split with corresponding goals, KPI’s and teams.

A high-level overview:

Early Need Validation: Concepts were validated before advancing through the funnel, ensuring a specific need at the target audience.

Funnel Streamlining: The innovation funnel was restructured with clear stages and gates.

Structured Brainstorming: Ideation phase starts off with a clear goal and focus area. These are defined based on tailor-made criteria and selected by management.

Innovation management: Concepts progressed systematically when the right people are working on it and guiding the process.

Our team played a pivotal role in leading the restructuring, introducing data-driven decision-making, and facilitating structured brainstorming.

The transformation brought:

Efficiency: Early validation reduced resources spent on concepts with no target audience or low market potential.

Data-Driven Decisions: Data-driven choices aligned innovation with organizational goals.

Structured Innovation: The process eliminated guesswork, ensuring a clear path from idea to launch.

Enhanced Brainstorming: Structured sessions generated ideas aligned with organizational needs.

Challenge Addressed:

Efficient innovation management, data-driven decisions, and a clear path from idea to launch addressed the challenge, bringing clarity and structure to the innovation process.  

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