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An Innovation Strategy is crucial for an impactful result

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Understanding the company Strategy

Through engaging workshops and strategic discussions, we collaborate closely with your team to uncover critical insights about your market and competition. This approach ensures we craft a tailored innovation blueprint that's both ambitious and grounded, perfectly aligned with your core objectives. With clear, measurable targets, we set the stage for actionable strategies that drive real results.

Innovation Strategy formulation

Innovation strategy formulation is crucial because it provides a structured framework for transforming visionary ideas into market-leading solutions. This strategic phase ensures that every innovation effort is aligned with the company's overarching goals, maximizing the impact of investments and resources. By defining clear objectives, identifying growth opportunities, and setting actionable pathways, it guides businesses through the complex landscape of modern markets. This process not only sharpens competitive edge but also ensures sustainable growth by focusing on actionable, scalable innovations.

Embedding the innovation Strategy

Embedding the innovation strategy into the core of your business operations is pivotal for fostering a culture of continuous innovation and ensuring long-term success. This process integrates the strategy across all departments, ensuring that innovation becomes a daily practice rather than a one-off project. By aligning team efforts with the innovation goals, it ensures that every action taken is a step towards realizing your vision. Embedding the strategy also facilitates agile responses to market changes, empowering your business to maintain a competitive edge. It's about making innovation an inherent part of your business's DNA, driving growth, and adapting to future challenges seamlessly.

the way stretch innovation works

Why is it so great to work with us?

From post-it to new customer

From brainstorming to identifying opportunities, making them real and validating them and also effectively integrating them into the market: Stretch Innovation guides its partners from A to Z.

Entrepreneurs, not consultants

As innovative entrepreneurs, we tackle every project like it would be ours. We therefore pursue KPIs, and do not work according to the principle of 'hourly billing'.


Start from experience: based on in-depth market insights, data-driven trends, as well as continuous monitoring by stakeholders, we learn from the past of your business. We apply this know-how to current and new innovation projects.


By looking across borders, both international and cross-industry, Stretch offers diverse opportunities for your business.

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