Bevoy is a Belgian start-up in the HR industry. They focus on employee wellbeing and health promotion in the work environment. Bevoy promotes a healthier lifestyle amongst employees, by incentivizing them with coins when they walk, bike, move or meditate.

Exploration & Validation

The challenge

On the one side, validating the problem: How do companies approach employee wellbeing and health promotion? And on the other hand solution validation: How do companies receive the MVP of Bevoy? What do they like, what do they mislike, what do they want to reach with using Bevoy in their company?

Our role

Stretch Innovation took on the challenge of problem and solution validation by executing and analysing qualitative interviews. Companies were interviewed in a qualitative matter with a two-fold goal: to validate the problem and the solution.


Qualitative interviews:

We conducted interview sessions of 30 minutes each at targeted companies. To validate the problem, we assessed how companies approach employee wellbeing and health promotion, what the challenges are, how employee wellbeing and health promotion is currently being measured and what would be the ideal solution to employee wellbeing according to these companies. Next, to validate the solution we askes those companies their opinion about the MVP of Bevoy, what they find most appealing in that MVP, what elements they still miss and what would be their dream goal to achieve with the assistance of Bevoy.

Interview analysis:

Next, we deep dived into what we can learn from these qualitative company interviews. What are recurring elements across different interviews? How does the opinion of company leaders differ from the opinion of their employees? How can the MVP be adapted to increase the likelihood of companies using Bevoy's services? Which companies might be interested in Bevoy in the future? 

Results in numbers

Interviews with CEO's or HR Managers of various sized companies (from 20 to 270,000 employees)
Employee interviews of various sized companies
Report with the overview of the interview analysis, the learnings and the suggestions to be applied in the future

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