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Setting up the innovation funnel

The innovation funnel is crucial for filtering and refining ideas, ensuring only the most viable and strategically aligned concepts progress to development. It streamlines the innovation process, enhances efficiency, and maximizes the chances of market success by systematically evaluating and developing ideas into scalable, impactful solutions

Innovation Roadmap definition

An innovation roadmap is key for strategic planning, offering a clear timeline and prioritization for development projects. It aligns with business objectives, ensuring efficient resource allocation and milestone achievement. This approach is vital for sustained growth and competitive advantage, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to navigate the innovation landscape successfully.

Innovation team as a service

At Stretch, we specialize in executing the innovation funnel for companies as pragmatic growth entrepreneurs. Our hands-on approach ensures that from ideation to market launch, every step is optimized for impact and efficiency.

the way stretch innovation works

Why is it so great to work with us?

From post-it to new customer

From brainstorming to identifying opportunities, making them real and validating them and also effectively integrating them into the market: Stretch Innovation guides its partners from A to Z.

Entrepreneurs, not consultants

As innovative entrepreneurs, we tackle every project like it would be ours. We therefore pursue KPIs, and do not work according to the principle of 'hourly billing'.


Start from experience: based on in-depth market insights, data-driven trends, as well as continuous monitoring by stakeholders, we learn from the past of your business. We apply this know-how to current and new innovation projects.


By looking across borders, both international and cross-industry, Stretch offers diverse opportunities for your business.

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