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From concoction to validated business plan to business launch

We exists to help you create and implement new innovative business concepts from A to Z

Search, Invent, Design and Launch a new business concept from A to Z
Internal & External exploration

First we will look inside your company. What is already done in the past and what knowledge is available. We love to co-create!

Next we will do thorough market research, the needs and trends within the market are mapped out. As entrepreneurs at heart, we translate these insights into various innovative possibilities, applicable to or complementary to your business.

Now we are ready for the ideation!


Opportunities, but also insights and opinions of stakeholders are processed into business ideas. These ideas are not only defined, but also strategically developed and validated. This way you get a clear view on the opportunities that each idea offers.

Continuous validation of the chosen business concept

Launching a product or service is one thing, validating whether the concept will actually catch on is another. For this reason, continuous validation with stakeholders is extremely important. We define the pain points of the particular strategy, make adjustments where necessary and play to our strengths. And that until it is really right.

Hands on business case building

Once a concept has been validated, our Stretchers work out a complete business case. We do this accurately and in detail, in all its completeness. Just as an entrepreneur would do to convince his investor. The outcome of this fase is a theoretical company on paper.

Go to market strategy

The best channels to market your product or service? We research and validate them all and determine the most appropriate go to market strategy to launch your new business. The growth hacking and business development team we will validate this lean go to market strategy. 

New business launch

Now we will walk the talk. It is time for action! Our entrepreneurs in residence  will launch your new business concept for you. In the first months after launch we take care of the business so we can proof our business plan and you can hire a new team

the way stretch innovation works

Why is it so great to work with us?

From post-it to new customer

From brainstorming to identifying opportunities, making them real and validating them and also effectively integrating them into the market: Stretch Innovation guides its partners from A to Z.

Entrepreneurs, not consultants

As innovative entrepreneurs, we tackle every project like it would be ours. We therefore pursue KPIs, and do not work according to the principle of 'hourly billing'.


Start from experience: based on in-depth market insights, data-driven trends, as well as continuous monitoring by stakeholders, we learn from the past of your business. We apply this know-how to current and new innovation projects.


By looking across borders, both international and cross-industry, Stretch offers diverse opportunities for your business.

Got ideas?
Let's Make Some Trouble (the Good Kind)!


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