Food M

Product Development & Venture building

With Foodm, Stretch is creating smart fridges that allows hungry customer to simply pay for a meal, take it out of the fridge and enjoy it. Foodm started as a concept and is now being brought to life with Stretch as a partner. Stretch offers support both in terms of software and hardware development to be able to create the smart fridges. Besides the software and hardware aspect, we also offer support in terms of funding, sales, network and expertise. To make this joint venture as successful as possible in a short amount of time, we offer as much expertise as possible, both internal from our Road21 network and external.

Hardware and Software

The goal is that a customer can pay and retrieve a meal from a fridge all by itself. Apart from that the fridge needs to know when its empty, what a customers wants to take out, etc. We help to design this both in terms of hardware and software and realise this together with some of our partners in the Road21 network.

Business Support

Once the fridges are finalized and ready to use, they need be installed at the customers. To prepare for this, we work together to find funding, do sales in order to be able to create more fridges and supply more customers.

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