Supplywise & PigmentsWise

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SupplyWise brings digitalisation to the market of minerals and pigments. This market is a market with many middle men and distributors who each take margin on the product. SupplyWise is a platform that connects producers directly to users. It is like an Alibaba for pigments. SupplyWise tries to achieve this by starting in a niche of minerals, namely organic pigments. The platform for this is called PigmentsWise. Stretch helped to optimise the flows for an MVP. You can find PigmentsWise here:

In addition, the possibility of offering services via SupplyWise was investigated that will allow producers to go to the European market more directly. A study of the entire logistics flow, from a customer ordering a product to getting the product delivered, was conducted to determine which steps could be optimised and where added value for the customer could be delivered. This revealed a completely new route that SupplyWise could take and a go-to-market strategy is determined based on these results. You can find SupplyWise here:

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