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Exploration & Validation

The project consists out of 4 distinctive phases: market research, ideation, conception creation and go-to-market.

1. Market research

During the market research phase, the needs of multiple stakeholders are assessed to spot digital innovation opportunities. These opportunities can be mapped on the expertise and products of Orfit to find the most interesting market to address.

2. Ideation

Once it is clear what the market looks like and in what direction to go, the ideation phase can start. This phase consist of creating multiple out-of-the-box, yet realistic concepts. Each of these concepts are scored on stakeholder desirability, achievability and business opportunity. By using this framework it becomes easy to spot the best ideas.

3. Concept creation

Out of all concepts, the best one is selected based on the score and is worked out in more detail. This is done through our measure-learn-build approach. The concept is continuously being improved through this cycle of measure-learn-build. During the measure phase stakeholder feedback is acquired to find out what they think of the concept, what is missing and how can it be improved. Next, in the learn phase, all information from the measure phase is combined to determine the most important points of improvement or ideas to adapt the concept. Finally the concept is adapted according to the learnings in the build phase.

4. Go-to-market

After multiple cycles of measure-learn-build the concept is finalised and the best strategy to approach the market is created and implemented.

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