Price Model Optimization

Equicty, a software company of horse stable ERP systems, noticed that there was room for improvement in terms of conversion ratio. There were a significant amount of free-trial users that did not continue to use the platform as paying customer. To improve this, a new and optimised pricing model is established by Stretch. We accomplished this by bringing together two sources of information; market research and customer analysis.  

Market Research

Similar software are examined to assess the pricing and pricing models used in the horse industry, but also cross-industry pricing strategies analysed. Together with our own knowledge on pricing strategies it was possible to create a detailed structure for a new and improved price model.

Customer Analysis

To find out the what a customer needs, it is important to really understand the customer. The best way to do this is to talk to the customer. By performing client and non-client interviews it becomes clear how the system can be optimised for each type of client, what it is they like about the platform, what they need in such a platform and what makes them use it. Thanks to the customer analysis it was possible to decide what features are essential and which are more premium features.

Price Model

The structure created after the market research is combined with the feature selection of the customer analysis to create an optimal pricing model to improve conversion ratio and at the same time increase the overal revenue.

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