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Contaynor can best be described as a modern and digital beverage distributor. They have a webshop to sell beverage and offer a home delivery service, all of this with sustainability as an important factor. They use electric vans and deliver mainly products in reusable or recyclable packages. Besides delivering beverages, they also take care of collecting the empties again for which the customer gets a reimbursement. Since their start in April 2020, they gained a lot of traction and as a result, there systems where no longer adequate. Stretch helped them to improve their systems and bring them to the next level. A new webshop and ERP system is set-up for them.


The creation of their new webshop was not only an improvement for the webshop in itself, but also made it possible to create more uniqueness and to rebrand. Additionally, it gives more freedom to work data-driven.

Noah ERP system

The new ERP system for Contaynor is an adapted version of Noah (Stretch Venture), an ERP system that was originally intended for children and baby stores. At Stretch we do not want to limit ourself to the specific market to find solutions, but we also search for solutions cross-industry. Since the core of Noah fits the processes at Contaynor so well and it covers most of the specific requirements to provide a solution for the collection of the empties, it can easily be modified to work for them as well.

In addition to the ERP system itself, multiple connections with other systems are provided. These connections are, among others, a connecting to the accounting software (Exact Online) and to their new TMS software, that allows them to plan delivery and collection rides efficiently, NextUp.

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