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Product Optimisation, Go-to-Market & Venture Building

Brain at trust is a project started by Marcia De Wachter, former head of the National Bank of Belgium. She transformed her passion for psycho-analytics into a product. This product is a AI based model that analyses the answers on a questionnaire, with carefully chosen questions, to determine the conscious and unconscious motivational drivers of an individual. The first version of the model was created in collaboration with Mindspeller, bringing their knowledge of NLP together with the knowledge about psychodynamics of Marcia. However this tool was not yet user friendly, not been put on the market and there was no commercial model, this is where Stretch came into the picture and helped to accomplish this. In a first phase the model and questionnaire was improved, during the second phase a marketing strategy was determined, business model created, target customers determined, a brand was build,...

Customer validation and improvement

During the first phase, some remaining flaws and bugs were eliminated from the model, quality was improved and the needs of potential customers are discovered. To accomplish this it was important to find out how people interpreted the questions and what their experience was with the tool. A large number of people filled in the test and were asked for feedback on their interpretation of the questions and the final report that comes out of the tool as well as the look and feel of the report. This allow to continuously improve the tool, which was done using our trusted measure-learn-build iterative strategy

Measure: measure by experimentally letting people use the tool and provide us with feedback.

Learn: using the feedback to make improvements

Build: Effectively implement the improvements in the model and report


In the second phase, a correct business model, go-to-market strategy and financial plan is set-up and the target customer group is determined. This is again done in an iterative process to create the optimal solution. Some examples of potential customer groups are HR managers that can use the tool to offer it to their own employees or in their recruitment of new employees, another example are recruiters that can offer this to their clients so the client can find out what job fits them best. The final and most promising customer group are entrepreneurs, they can use the tool to assess the team of a start-up they want to invest in or find out how they can improve themselves.

Entrepreneur in residence

Since Marcia has a knowledge of psychodynamics, but lacks the time and knowledge to bring a SaaS solution to the market, an entrepreneur in residence from Stretch continues to work on Brain at trust. After the go-to-market was drawn up, the entrepreneur in residence started the first sales meetings and generated the first revenue and is taking on both the strategic and executing role of Brain at trust.

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