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Benotec is a contractor active in the renovation industry offering a unique concept: renovation of the outer lay and the roof of private houses resulting in a better insulation of the house. This solves quite some problems for their customers related to comfort; water and mould problems, temperature changes in the house, high energy bills. Benotec noticed an increase in popularity of the renovation market, partly due to the EU guidelines regarding the environment. Benotec wants to make sure they can respond properly to this increase in popularity.The project started with an external exploration workshop from which further steps are decided.

External Exploration Workshop

The external exploration was organised by Stretch as a one day to find out the needs of Benotec, their vision and where they want to go. Once all of this was clear for both Benotec and Stretch, it was decided to focus on two main aspects; a go-to-market strategy for the current services of Benotec and a digital platform to create an ecosystem of multiple stakeholders that can completely unburden customers and allows each stakeholder to focus on their core activity.


The goal was to determine how to reach the market, a market that is not yet completely aware of the current and future needs of renovation with their current services. To determine the go-to-market research to find out how the market will evolve and stakeholder interviews to assess the needs and pains of the customers are executed. All this information is put into a digital plan. This includes setting up a website with a clear call to action in order to get leads and to offer an integrated solution where customers can find benotec as a contractor through the website and through targeted campaigns.

Digital platform

Benotec wants to become a central player in the renovation market in Belgium where they want to connect producers with contractors and consumers. Today there is a big problem in terms of knowledge on the one hand and expertise/workforce on the other hand to carry out the renovation work. For a lot of players it remains difficult to reach customers and this is a problem Benotec wants to solve. They want to become a central player in an ecosystem with their digital platform and make it very simple/accessible for consumers to make a choice for their facade renovation. The platform includes a configurator where consumers can quickly and easily simulate what their renovation will look like in order to answer their aesthetic question, which they often have already. Stretch is also helping to accomplish this aspect.

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