Anders Beton

Digital Innovative Transformation

Anders Beton was ready for the next step towards digitization by updating their core systems and introducing new technologies while maintaining their own identity and making them future-ready. Stretch helped them do this in 5 simple steps.

1. Process mapping

In order to know what systems and technologies are the best for a company, it is important to completely understand all the processes and flows of that company. That is why, at Anders Beton, we started with a thorough analysis of their operations to map all the flows and processes of the company, both in the backoffice and the production site. In this step it becomes clear how the entire company is organised, how the different processes are linked and how they can depend on each other.

2. Pinpointing bottlenecks

The place where the impact of a new system or technologie can have the most influence is at places where a company might experience bottlenecks. Thanks to the thorough analysis of all the processes and identifying the complete flow of the company, pinpointing all the bottlenecks becomes easy.

3. Flow optimisation

With a good understanding of the flows and the bottlenecks identified, it is possible to create a new and optimal flow. The new and optimised flow to eliminate the bottlenecks and make a more efficient Anders Beton is realised keeping their daily activities in mind to make sure their identity is maintained and guaranteed.

4. Software systems and technology research

In the next phase, with the knowledge of all previous phases, it is clear what the requirements are for possible future systems and technologies for Anders Beton. During this phase all possible ERP systems and complementary system are researched to find the ones, when combined into one complete system, that are the best fit to realise the ideal flow for Anders Beton addressing all their needs and making Anders Beton future proof.

5. Implementation

The final step is the implementation of the selected systems and technologies. Together with the providers of these systems, Stretch makes sure they are implemented correctly and acts as a mediator between Anders Beton and the other parties.

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